Until the End (Deluxe Edition)

by Illuminus

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released December 2, 2011

Illuminus is:
Aidan Dickens - vocals, guitar
Stephen Pearson - drums
Jon Farquharson - bass

All songs written and perfomred
by Aidan Dickens
Produced by Aidan Dickens
Bass on 'Ebony' by Jon Farquharson
Drums on 'Berated', 'Dining on 'Ashes', 'Wept'
'Painted', 'Into the Outside', 'The Rain'
and 'Bitter Truth' by Turin Howell
Guest vocals on 'Ebony, 'Wept' and 'Until the End'
by Milla Dickens
Recorded, in Melbourne Australia during 2010
at Mellowtone studios
Mixed by Simon Moro and Aidan dickens
Mastered by Aidan Dickens

Thanks to all those involved

©2011 Aidan Dickens




Illuminus Auckland, New Zealand

Illuminus is a rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. Their debut album 'Until the End' was released in 2012 and received rave reviews.

Their new album is called 'Fading by Degrees' and is now available through the website. To celebrate this the band remastered and re-released the first album 'Until the End'.
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Track Name: The Machine
The Machine

Time divides my mind
Between the ebb and flow
Of my desire to be
More than a ghost in the machine
Most than a crutch for your disease
I am the truth that’s unfolding

You are the Machine
You are the Machine
And I don’t wanna play with you

Fire burns inside, no understanding
Only vacant eyes
I’ve seen the way it’s always been
No witness, no enlightening
Asleep in our own apathy

You are the Machine
You are the Machine
And I don’t wanna play with you
I don’t wanna play with you
I don’t wanna play with you
I don’t wanna play with you
Track Name: For you
For You

Captured in ethereality
in the Ambrosium
unfolding lifelessly in me
A self-concocting dream
delicately surreal it seems
It waits for me to breathe

The light that burns
It burns

But I’ll wait here for you
Till the dawn breaks anew

In shade the shadow takes my sheen
Am I confused inside?
It laughs and takes away my view
Blood rushes from within
en mass we are an entity
Caress the porous skin

I thought I saw you
In my Place
But I was Dreaming
And now I’ll never be open again
Track Name: Dining on Ashes
Dining on Ashes

It’s late
walking down a street to nowhere
Just like a dream
where everything is nothing
Inside it feels
as though a change is coming
is just a cold wet blanket

we dine
on ashes

crawling through the trees and bushes
The houses watch
but feel so cold and lifeless
The sirens wail
awake me from my slumber
Darkness like snowflakes falls
in suburbia

we dine
on ashes

They wait
in silence pacing forward
What savage games
a god must play in wonder
These corridors
are filled with children’s laughter
The shadows crawl
in suburbia
Track Name: Illuminate

When I was young,
I was afraid to be alone
So I wandered through the valleys
of the darkest depths
I called home
And as the time drew near
And light became a fragile friend
The leaves would wilt and wither as the autumn breeze
Called me

And then I’d Illuminate

And then I walked alone
A child raised from a violent tome
I clutched the winter solstice
like a warming meal
It’s so cold

And then I’d Illuminate
Track Name: Berated

When passengers meet passengers
They’re on a ride they thought was free
And what was once a game is now an ordeal
Where I was blind I now can see
the view contorts and becomes real
and all the time the walls move inch by inch

And now I see
now I see
now I see

This is the fear you created
This is the sphere

When our eyes meet the laws will change
as silk on skin ignites the flames
Intertwining till we become one
Then as the darkness closes in
our moving forward will begin
till red and blue become a fantasy

And now I see
now I see
now I see

This is the fear you created
The delicate flower you berated
Every day devastated
This is the sphere
Track Name: Wept
I’ve been waiting here for you
Feeling the love that isn’t true
Think of all the things you've said
They’re burnt and broken in your head
And underneath it all you've wept

You’ve wept
You’ve wept

Time is ticking can’t you see
And the jokers hand won’t set you free
And all lies that you have said
Burn with the tears of innocence
And underneath it all you've wept

You've wept
You've wept

It's waiting here for you
It's waiting here for you
Track Name: Ebony

You wake up one day and you can’t see
The things that you’ve done are just not real
And then the questions why, the teardrops and the lies
Am I falling, or am I free

And it’s so plain
We can’t explain it to you
To you

You wanted to be all you could be
The days in the dust a memory
They took you by surprise
and never told you why
We all live inside a dream

And it’s so plain
We can’t explain
it to you

To you
Track Name: The Lost
The Lost

I can feel the change
The iridescent face
Comes crawling from despair
To captivate my dreams
The water ripples too
Such a black and bitter pool
What can I do but look away
But then I see it in your face
The highway shifts and moves
The darkness breaking through
Each suicide a dream
Of the broken and deceived

And on and on and on
And on and on and on
The end has come and gone
And it goes on and on and on

I stare into a face
It’s strange and out of shape
The clock is twisting into view
The numbers coil into a noose
And as the lines begin to fade
The lost come out to play
And the daylight never comes
As we melt into the sun

Nothings going to take me from this place
Track Name: Winters Dream
Winters dream

Drain me, sacred energy
Coiled like a serpents tail
Injected in my vein
Now I see through
The shrouded paper face
It reveals a vast landscape
Verdant and perfumed

Crawling through the excess
until I see what has made me blind
Echoing the past in the present
before a thousand eyes
You know you want to watch
but you know you really don’t want to see
You know you want to watch
but you don’t want to

Reveal yourself
Awake in a winters dream
In the cleft of your beauty
Reveal yourself
Watching the black sunset
This all will end in tears

Touch me
mould my empathy
Inscribed upon this place
The sound of a million screams
I’ll be renewed
In fragments of a mirror maze
Lost in the twilight haze
Perpetually in tune
Track Name: Until the End
Until the End

I sat alone
enveloped in the skies of the velvet helm
on a line outside of time
I caught soft dreams
like tears of dragons fire in the ebon tide
cascading memories

I grasped the seams
aching for the feel of the energy
the draining of my needs
Come back and taste
the milky-way consistency of dreams
and now I truly see

Tonight I take a life away
And it will come to me this way
And everything will ebb away
on the breeze
To drain the self in sad refrain
And watch it slowly dissipate
It gradually congeals
until I am at one with everything

I’m sorry
I’m waiting for the wine to rinse me clean
Such a delicate bouquet
Please forgive me
Filter out the thoughts that bring you down
The feelings that I bring

I want you to see
Want you to see this
Want you to hear
Want you to hear this
Want you to feel
Want you to feel this
Want you to be
Want you to be this
Track Name: Painted (Bonus Track)

It came to me from a distorted dream
plying the pastels as I raked the leaves
weaving wine around my ocean shards
and break the boundaries that were years were not

I touched the air where music seems so sweet
her diamond eyes a blissful suffering
as the hours become a blackened mark
they leave a trail of gradual sustenance

But I never wanted to be
never wanted to be
never wanted to be painted

Pulling pieces from the inside out
wade in flowers red my dying mark
when time becomes a pristine hourglass
walking on water doesn't seem so hard

I don't need to see
I don't need to feel
I don't need to be anything at all
Track Name: Into the Outside (Bonus Track)
Into the Outside

The light comes bursting through your eyes
like some sweet melody
it ruptures all that's vain
And inside there is a state of mind
that keeps you hanging from the ledge
that we create

Define the square that you live in
then close your eyes and watch it bend
the circles opens and you see
you are me

Sea shells falling through your hands
they make a bed of leaves
seem like a pit of snakes
Take a sip of nectar from the tree
and feel the rage of come crashing
as you run

Into the outside again
never ever will it end
Track Name: The Rain (Bonus Track)
The Rain

I am the rain
falling down again
blanketing the plains
like the autumn leaves
falling down in waves
each drop a piece of me
drowning everything

I am the rain
falling down again
I am the rain

Now I'm laughing
at the skies
watching oceans colliding
at your feet
the desert skies
where I'm alive
I'm alive

I watch the water rise
in your autumn eyes
come and wash me far away
Track Name: Bitter Truth (Bonus Track)
Bitter Truth

I want to see
everything that you've decreed
turn to dust beneath your feet
for all to see
I want to hear
the snow clad voices of despair
a weeping walk of ignorance
into the trees

I've gotta run but I cannot run fast enough
I hit the earth but my mind is inadequate
you question me but I cannot provide a reason
for this bitter truth

You want to see
the ebb and flow that tames the leaves
running water down the halls
into the sea
You want to hear
the sounds of silence loud and clear
the angels falling from above
and no one cares

I'll take the sun with me tonight
pull it from it's crescent moon
drain the oceans of their swell
and watch you squirm
Who's going to save you from yourself
the pangs of guilt that pick the scabs
and when the morning finally breaks
We'll be dead

I've gotta run but I cannot run fast enough
I hit the earth but my mind is inadequate